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So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
There are maybe 10 or 12 / things I could teach you / after that you're on your own
— A.C. Newman, There are Maybe 10 or 12
September 10, 2004
The Hidden Agenda doesn’t exist…why bother hiding it?

Anybody with an active interest in the last federal election should read this “month’s issue of the Walrus.”

Tom Flanagan was the national campaign manager, and a long time associate and friend of Stephen Harper’s. The Walrus has done a profile on the man, and it’s extremely interesting.

Flanagan is portrayed as a very right wing neo-conservative who ran a very closed election shop. Not only did Flanagan not interact much with the rest of the campaign team, he also refused to create any space in his team for any branch of the party other than Harper loyalists, including those loyal to Deputy Leader Peter MacKay.

Flanagan has, in the past, advocated views which are perceived by many as racistand bigoted particularly with respect to Canada’s native communities; there’s an alternative perception that his comments would have been acceptable long ago, but not in today’s climate of excessive political correctness.

Doug Finley was the national organizer we saw the most of out here in Vancouver, and from what I hear his opinion is that the Vancouver campaigns were poorly run.

I leave it up to you to make up your own mind about whether or not this is a case of leading by example. Read the article. Buy the magazine. Subscribe.

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