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So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
There's a fortune inside your head / All you touch turns to lead / You think you might just crawl back in bed
— Wilco, Misunderstood
September 16, 2004
Christy Clark resigned

British Columbia’s Deputy Premier & former Education Minister Christy Clark has resigned, citing “deeply personal” reasons.

Is anybody falling for this?

There are only a couple of questions here:

Was Christy pushed or is this the beginnning of a coup (remember Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance?)

David Basi was formally charged yesterday; Christy’s husband (Mark Marrissen) had his office searched in the early days of the Basi scandal. Is there there a connection here?

Where is Christy going to wind up next?

Christy is just too ambitious, too driven and too tenacious for this “deeply personal” thing to fly.

Something is afoot here.

If I were a betting man, I’d say she was pushed as part of a leadership review.

If I were a more risk taking better man, I’d suggest that this is part of a longer term coup.

Christy will be back.

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