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So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Sun went down / lookin' like the eye of god / behind icy mist / and stark bare trees
— Bruce Cockburn, How I Spent My Fall Vacation
August 27, 2004
The words commitment & Martin don’t belong together

This according to today’s Globe and Mail

MPs want nominations guarantee
From Friday’s Globe and Mail
Ottawa — Liberal MPs, antsy about their re-election prospects and a quick election call, want Prime Minister Paul Martin to guarantee them their riding nominations now. Although Parliament won’t open until October, MPs are worried about the vulnerability of the minority government and the next election, which could come at any time.

“The concern is you can’t do your work in Ottawa if you’re worrying about what’s happening at home,” [Anita Neville] said. “And there were a number of my colleagues who expressed that as a concern.”

This falls under the category of stating the obvious, and leads one to wonder about the Liberal party leader.

It was well known that Jean Chretien put a rule in place that sitting MPs wouldn’t face nomination challenges. Mr. Martin refused to enforce this rule when he became the leader of the Liberal party, resulting in a number of needless (and publically embarassing) nomination challenges across the country: Hedy Fry was one, and the silliness that saw Tony Valeri face Sheila Copps instead of running in the neighbouring riding was another.

Mr. Martin says MPs were elected to govern, and on that basis is staying out of this discussion. This is patently silly - Mrs. Neville’s point is well made and accurate: it’s difficult to concentrate on Ottawa if you’re busy watching your back at home.

It’s this kind of silliness that makes me wonder how this many became leader of the party in the first place. Martin demands deep loyalty from his caucus, but isn’t giving anything in return. People couldn’t see this coming?

Most of us thought that after the last election the civil war inside the Libeal party was over, but it’s begining to look like we may have been wrong.

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