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— Leonard Cohen, Sisters of Mercy
August 22, 2004
Premier Ladner?

Bill Tielman, in the most recent Georgia Straight, suggests that Peter Ladner may be interested in making a run as Premier when Gordon Campbell’s time in office comes to a close (prematurely or not.)

Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights of Mr. Ladner’s time in office.

The NPA’s own site lists a number of them - Ladner wants the city to crack down on such serious issues as urinating in public, loud car alarms, and - wait for it - cycling on sidewalks. Add to this initiatives which will allow police to lay fines for fighting in city streets, crack down on aggressive panhandlers, an annual water sports festival and a bizarre proposal to “the placement of glass awnings over downtown lanes to create new pathways between blocks” and I’m not exactly seeing signs of genius here.

These types of initiatives at a civic level are not what greatness is made of.

I haven’t yet heard Ladner (who many think wants to be the next Mayor of Vancouver) demonstrate a vision for the city, nor a proposed solution for any of the problems our city faces. Cracking down on public urination won’t help solve the homeless problem here, nor will blaming the provincial government; cracking down on car alarms isn’t going to help the car theft problem, and excessive enforcement of cycling bylaws isn’t going to encourage people to get out of their cars. How is Councillor Ladner going to help to create a more robust and diverse economy in our city - something that we desperately need.

When Peter Ladner provides a vision for Vancouver, he may earn a vote as Mayor; until then, can you seriously think of this guy as Premier?

I can only assume that Tielman is having some political mischief with the suggestion, as he’s been known to do. I just can’t find a way in my head to take this suggestion seriously.

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