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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Meanwhile in the forest / In a parliament of trees, The ink will crack and dry all up, But the compass will swing anyways. And we don't need mathematics / And we don't need submarines
— Rheostatics, Northern Wish
August 17, 2004
Cormorants & Alaska go together after all

According to today’s Vancouver Sun, CFB Comox has twice dispatched Cormorant helicopters to remove passengers in emergency situations from Alaska bound cruise ships.

Traditionally, these rescues are done by airlift with the helicopter hovering over the deck of the ship, but on August 6th they did things a little differently:

“That was the first time a Cormorant has landed on the deck of a cruise ship and it was a good thing we did. The gentleman was oh, 300-pound-ish in size and a hoist would have been extremely difficult for him.”

There’s a lesson here, maybe two: first, if we’d had these Cormorant’s 11 years ago, think about how many lives might have been saved; second, there is such a thing as too many trips to the Lido buffet.

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