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August 5, 2004
an old letter about a candidate

I’m posting, long after originally printed, a letter about someone I know. This letter doesn’t even begin to touch on the many flaws and lies this person has told, and I won’t comment further here at this point. If you want to know more, email me. This was originally printed in the Vancouver Courier

Johl doesn’t represent this East Sider

To the editor;

I find it intriguing that Jesse Johl (Conservative candidate in Vancouver Kingsway) speaks with such condescension about Ian Waddell, the NDP candidate who Mr. Johl suggests is ignorant of family life based on the fact that he is gay. I met Mr. Johl recently, and as a result feel he has his own limitations (even beyond homophobia and living with his mom at age 32).

I met Mr. Johl when he dropped by a Kid’s Swap at Douglas Park Community Centre. As he was trying to chat up would-be supporters, he jovially told me that not only does he not have children, he is not married and the single life suits him fine. Are these the revelations that make me feel Mr. Johl understands my experience as a parent living in Vancouver Kingsway? No.

Although Mr. Johl is under the prehistoric and homophobic belief that gay men know little about raising children, he may be intrigued to learn that many gay and lesbian people raise children. Many live in his riding. Not that this matters.

Mr. Johl’s party could not care any less about the experiences and concerns of gay and lesbian constituents. Still, I think he may want to consider moving out of his mama’s house and learn a bit about the world and who lives (and thrives) within it.

Tracy Manrell, Vancouver

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