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So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
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— Steve Earle, Shadowland
December 10, 2003
Pink hearts, purple moons and lucky clovers!

Since Scott Brison decided he was going to switch to the Liberal party (ostensibly because he thinks that Paul Martin is “The Right Guy For The Job”™, I thought I’d do a little digging into where he’s coming from. Interesting things popping up all over the place.

Here we go:

Auditor General Sheila Fraser recently exposed some of the financial manoeuvres that the Liberal government has been undertaking…Imagine, this Liberal government misleading Canada!…when the government says that it has reduced the debt by so many dollars, this is not exactly the case, because really it’s money from the EI account that is being applied to a different account.” — November 18, 2002

Scott Brison, the Tory finance critic, agreed. “That is clearly the appearance and, you know, perception is reality. I think this is another example of Paul Martin suffering from an internal conflict of interest between his role as finance minister and his role as Liberal leadership candidate,” Brison said in an interview. “This fails any reasonable ethics test.” — April 7, 2002

And in a shot a Liberal heir apparent Paul Martin, but perhaps MacKay as well, Brison scorned politicians who “avoid risk and try to avoid saying something that somebody, somewhere might disagree with some part of.” — January 29, 2003

But really folks - really - this one takes the cake. This is the most precious thing this man has ever said.

“The Minister [Paul Martin] is obviously afraid of Parliament,” said Mr. Brison. “He continually demonstrates this lack of respect for, and in fact, a contempt for Parliament…He is hoping to detract and reduce levels of debate around the budget.” — December 6, 2001

I wonder how Mr. Martin feels about being called “in contempt of Parliament” today? Perhaps he and Mr. Radwanksi could double date?

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