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My true love drowned in a dirty old pan / Of oil that did run from the block / Of a falcon sedan 1969 / The paper said '75
— Neko Case, Star Witness
October 16, 2003
Merger, Sch-merger

Well, the Progressive Conservatives & the Canadian Alliance are finally getting together, right on the heels of the launch of my most recent mini-project. I’m not saying the web site had anything to do with it, but really: isn’t that way better than either of the ones they’ve been able to come up with.

I suppose as a loyal member of the federal Liberal party I’m supposed to be fairly upset about this: it certainly puts a wrinkle the plans for another 100 years of Liberal majority governments (although it’s likely to have only a modest effect on the looming 2004 election-cum-coronation of Paul Martin. Really, I can’t see this as anything but good: with real opposition, the Liberal government will be forced to do something - anything - to convince Canadians that the country (which has been fairly apathetic) is moving in the right direction.

All of the above is - of course- predicated on the fact that Mike Harris does not become the leader of any new entity. That’s just scary.

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