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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
I think that ghosts like / The cooler weather / When leaves turn colour / They get together
— Hawksley Workman, Autumn's Here
October 7, 2003
“Igor - hand me that brain”

Well, installing a new hard drive in my old Pismo generation PowerBook proved to be more fun than I had anticipated. Despite my attempts not to, I had to remove the processor card - the hard drive cable connects underneath it, and the connection had come undone. This card, unsurprisingly, holds your CPU. Immediately after reinstalling it, I found myself with a PowerBook that wouldn’t turn on.

That heart-attack your just heard was, in fact, mine.

Well, a bit of jiggling around and it turns it is was just not seated properly: everything booted up nicely.

These lovely folks have a piece of software called Carbon Copy Cloner which many people swear by. In my case, it was utterly useless and I had to go the old route of doing a clean install of Jaguar, installing all the updates and then manually moving a bunch of files around.

You know, Apple should really have some sort of utility to do this: call it “Import Files from Another User” or something. Would really make life a lot easier.

Anyway, my almost 4 year old PowerBook has a smokin’ new 5400rpm 40GB hard drive, and it’s noticeably faster (and a lot roomier.) I’m pretty happy, after all the pain.

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