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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
You go your way / I'll go your way too
— Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen
October 20, 2003

Toronto? Now there’s a town that knows how to pick a mayor!

I must say, it’s enjoyable watching the insanity that is Toronto’s municipal politics from a distance. I’m in no way suggesting that Vancouver is perfect - I mean, nothing here really makes sense - but at least we’re moving onwards with resolutions to some issues. Toronto just keeps arguing about the same things.

So John Tory - the Mayor Apparent, from this vantage point at least - has released his “Green Light Plan” which suggests, in part:

Really, so much of this is laughable that it feels pointless to comment on this. In brief:

All I can say is voters usually get what they deserve, and in this case that looks like John Tory. Don’t forget: this man supported Mel Lastman aggressively.

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Tags: Environmentalism, Politics, Public Transit, Toronto

October 16, 2003

Merger, Sch-merger

Well, the Progressive Conservatives & the Canadian Alliance are finally getting together, right on the heels of the launch of my most recent mini-project. I’m not saying the web site had anything to do with it, but really: isn’t that way better than either of the ones they’ve been able to come up with.

I suppose as a loyal member of the federal Liberal party I’m supposed to be fairly upset about this: it certainly puts a wrinkle the plans for another 100 years of Liberal majority governments (although it’s likely to have only a modest effect on the looming 2004 election-cum-coronation of Paul Martin. Really, I can’t see this as anything but good: with real opposition, the Liberal government will be forced to do something - anything - to convince Canadians that the country (which has been fairly apathetic) is moving in the right direction.

All of the above is - of course- predicated on the fact that Mike Harris does not become the leader of any new entity. That’s just scary.

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October 13, 2003

Rock Creek Fair 2003

The Rock Creek Fair is an annual thing, and one that my family has pariticipated in for years. I had never been.

Somewhat coincidentally, my Aunt Wendy was able to make a trip out here corresponding with this year’s fair; this also happened to be her birthday.


The star attraction of the fair is the rodeo, and I waited patiently for it. When I finally found a decent spot to take photos of the roping, I was standing next to a guy who owned his own ranch somewhere up Pemberton way. I learned lots.

For starters: if you’ve ever tried to make a lariat and loop it around your head like cowboys to in western movies, just stop. They use a special rope that’s quite stiff, more like plastic than any rope I’ve ever owned.
crooked) table in order to keep it steady.

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Tags: Kettle Valley, Ranch, Rock Creek Fair

October 7, 2003

“Igor - hand me that brain”

Well, installing a new hard drive in my old Pismo generation PowerBook proved to be more fun than I had anticipated. Despite my attempts not to, I had to remove the processor card - the hard drive cable connects underneath it, and the connection had come undone. This card, unsurprisingly, holds your CPU. Immediately after reinstalling it, I found myself with a PowerBook that wouldn’t turn on.

That heart-attack your just heard was, in fact, mine.

Well, a bit of jiggling around and it turns it is was just not seated properly: everything booted up nicely.

These lovely folks have a piece of software called Carbon Copy Cloner which many people swear by. In my case, it was utterly useless and I had to go the old route of doing a clean install of Jaguar, installing all the updates and then manually moving a bunch of files around.

You know, Apple should really have some sort of utility to do this: call it “Import Files from Another User” or something. Would really make life a lot easier.

Anyway, my almost 4 year old PowerBook has a smokin’ new 5400rpm 40GB hard drive, and it’s noticeably faster (and a lot roomier.) I’m pretty happy, after all the pain.

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October 6, 2003

How Much Information Is Too Much Information for a Free Mailing List?

A few days ago I removed myself from the reasonably informative Wired News mailing list, ostensibly so that I could resubscribe under a different email address. This may have been a mistake.

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