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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
When I'm walking under stars / I covet all the waning hours
— Neko Case, Tightly
January 15, 2003
Friends of Larry Campbell? With friends like this who needs anymore?

Not my letter, but one written by a current Larry Campbell booster.

Politics may breed strange bedfellows, but consistency is important and this does not represent it well.

Larry Campbell’s monumental indecisiveness after only two months in office is paying worthy tribute to British Columbia’s long line of lacklustre leadership.

Campbell campaigned on a promise for an unnecessary referendum on the Olympics, apparently to properly gauge the resolve of Vancouverites. This promise then devolved into a plebiscite scheduled ten days before the IOC visits the city. Now to top it all off, Campbell has now indicated that the the will of the electorate is irrelevent, as he has pledged to sign the host city agreement regardless of the results.

Mr. Campbell knew all along that his campaign promise to put the question of hosting the Olympics to Vancouver residents was empty. This is only compounded by his missed deadline of January 1st for Vancouver’s first safe injection facility. Instead of biting the bullet and sticking to his word, Campbell is quickly eroding any credibility that he was bestowed with his decisive election victory.

In my opinion, it is the wrong Campbell that people are worried about in terms of jeopardizing Vancouver’s Olympic bid. Gordon might be hosed, but Larry is the one that is all wet.

Jonathan Ross
218-1001 W. 43rd. Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V6M 2B8

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