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My true love drowned in a dirty old pan / Of oil that did run from the block / Of a falcon sedan 1969 / The paper said '75
— Neko Case, Star Witness
October 26, 2002
Carrot Juice is Murder

From the Terminal City web site

On Tuesday night, Jon Ellis, a [vca]TEAM candidate for City Council, told an all-candidates forum on animal rights issues, sponsored by the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS), that plants, fruits and vegetables are sentient beings. Ellis, along with other council candidates, was asked if he would support an initiative to instruct City staff to purchase only free-range eggs for City operations that offer aborted fowl matter to Vancouverites. When two candidates told the audience they were vegetarians (one of whom opined that it would be prudent to explain to potential consumers that eggs come from a chicken’s ass, as a way of dissuading them from eating the cholesterol time-bombs) Ellis visibly shrugged. When it was his turn at the mic, Ellis stepped forward and told the animal lovers, “There is irrefutable scientific evidence that carrots scream in agony when they are cut.” Fellow TEAM Council candidate, Nancy Chiavario, was not available for comment at press time.

Yes, this is one of the people I am working with, and ostensibly supporting. Man am I proud.

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