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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Rushing at the modern sunset to your window / Gestured with the bleach in hand, she said "let's go" "L.A." she cried / The heartbreak rides for free
— A.C. Newman, The Heartbreak Rides
October 9, 2001
Mel Lastman could screw anything up

Since leaving Toronto, I haven’t really been saying bad things about the place but I certainly haven’t missed it. On my last visit there, it finally struck me as a beautiful place in a very different way than Vancouver - particularly as night fell. There’s something magic about night falling on a city: the silhouettes of buildings offer a stark contrast against the sky, and the artificial lights begin to let off their glow.

The doors of the subway, as it left Warden station, shone like silver, masking the ugliness most people see within.

Now if only you could get rid of Mel Lastman.

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